Foam Cell

Ironman Foam Cell provides the ultimate in 4x4 shock absorber design and features with 50% more oil for cooler running. Exceptional performance for both standard and raised height 4x4’s & superior ride control and comfort both on and off road is what you can expect from these shock absorbers.

The shocks, designed by Ironman 4x4 suspension engineers, have been individually made component by component to produce the world’s finest offroad shock absorber.

41mm Bore & Piston

Extra large oil capacity and massive piston surface area allow more oil than ever before and the abilty for Ironman to fine tune the valve performance with greater accuracy. Perfectly matched to larger size vehicles where space permits.

18mm Piston Rod

Volumetrically matched to the 41mm bore and piston. Maximum strength and rigidity for long stroke and high load applications. Double chrome hardened for protection against damage.

Larger Oil Capacity

50% more oil than the Nitro Gas Shock Absorber. More oil means more heat absorption resulting in longer lasting efficiancy. High quality german Fuchs shock absorber fluid.

Foam Cell Technology

A gas impregnated sheet of Closed Cell Foam is positioned inside the shock absorber to replace the floating gas. This separates the oil and gas, allowing full oil contact with the outer casing to radiate heat away from the shock absorber more effectively.

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