Nitro Gas

Ironman 35mm bore Nitro Gas Shocks are the rugged all round 4x4 performance shock absorber. Ironman Nitro Gas Shocks provide exceptional performance for both standard and raised height 4x4’s whilst delivering superior ride control and comfort both on and off road. Improve stability when towing or carrying a load.

35mm Bore & Piston

Larger than the original equipment size, an increased oil capacity and larger valve surface area provide a well balanced all round improvement. Matched with a 54mm outer body, available for all makes and models.

15mm Piston Rod

Volumetrically matched to the 35mm piston and bore, provides maximum strength without occupying excess internal space. Double chrome hardened to resist damage by scratches and impact.

Multi-Lip Hi Temp Seal

A feature of all Ironman 4x4 Shock Absorbers High quality NOK seal features 4 blades to lock in the oil and gas whilst blocking out the dirt. Leaking shock absorbers are history!

Nitrogen Gas Charged

A low pressure shot of Nitrogen Gas is compressed and contained within the Shock Absorber chambers, this pressurises the oil molecules and helps prevent cavitation, which is commonly refered to as shock fade.

Nitro Gas Struts

For 4x4 vehicles with strut type suspension systems, Ironman 4x4 Struts incorporate all the features of the Nitro Gas version, with the freedom of the unique height adjusting collar ring system.

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